Following the success of their collaboration on Singtel, Public Design Group and FITCH have once again joined up to create the future retail experience for Maxis, Malaysia’s leading Telco.

The new Maxis flagship store at Gardens Mall is a contemporary twist on a café style theatre set where shoppers receive the highest level of personalised service from a brand new human service model.

Retail therapy

Malaysian’s spend a great deal of their down time in malls. Shopping in KL today, as with most developed major cities in the world, is all about experience.
Mall retailers have an inherent responsibility to engage and entertain shoppers well beyond the confines of product.

The business focus for network retailers is no longer on selling third party devices, it’s now all about raising awareness of how the internet enables better living. This leads to multiple devices, premium content, and managed services all being sold under one curated lifestyle story, for example Wellbeing.

Staff’s understanding of new devices and technology can’t be taught, it must be experienced. They are furnished with the latest devices, apps and content so that they can become expert demonstrators in store.


Latest devices are displayed in a forest of animated light

Brand experience over branded environment

The lack of corporate colour and the recessed store entrance is part of the Maxis corporate brand being deliberately recessive.


Shoppers believe this environment has been designed for them to experience rather than for Maxis to sell, it’s very much a ‘pull’ rather than a ‘push’ psychology. When we look at what the Maxis brand means to people, it’s not their logo, their promotions or their tone of voice any more, it’s a fantasy world that shoppers can escape into, full of optimism, colour and compelling lifestyle stories.

Accessories are an increasingly important aspect of lifestyle solutions

We are now developing the remaining formats within the new network strategy prior to a 2020 national rollout
Since launching the pilot store in 2019 we have now completed the majority of the network rollout across Malaysia for this concept in three new formats.
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