“Imagine a place where, as a Queenslander, you would feel comfortable talking about things that matter the most with someone you’ve just met...”


RACQ is one of Queensland’s largest insurance companies and has recently merged with a bank. They are currently #2 in the KPMG best customer experiences in Australia and are in the Roy Morgan top 10 most trusted brands in Australia.


The merger with QTMB poses a significant challenge for the RACQ brand as it has a strong association with motor vehicles but less association with consumer banking. At the core of this challenge lies the need for RACQ to transition from a trust built around its existing insurance and assistance business to a trust associated with everyday banking. Added to this is the challenge that all banks face with retail – they don’t sell tangible product.


We know the experience has to resonate with the outdoor life Queenslanders revere. It also needs a significant residential reference to build credibility in the category of home that lies at the core of banking.


Working alongside the awesome Brand Behaviour in designing a service experience that supports every likely transition from an insurance relationship to an everyday banking one whilst allowing two very disparate legacy service cultures to merge seamlessly.

A different way to reach customers with communications
The brilliant Ingrams (shopfitters) call us fastidious, accountable, pain-in-the-ass, we call it 'getting it right'


This site is currently processing five times as many home loan applications as the previous QTMB bank in North Lakes Shopping centre.

This project represents a significant step for consumer banking in Australia by taking the retail brand experience to a whole new level.

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