ASICS make the most technologically advanced running shoes in the world.
They also have a compelling product proposition, setting them apart from all other running shoe brands.
The new ASICS running shoe wall is the embodiment of that idea, presenting their range in a remarkable and unique way.

The three new pilot ASICS performance stores at Westfield Bondi, Warringah mall and Miranda.

ASICS has spent the last forty years in Australia positioning its’ product proposition around the idea of the protection. The protection offered by its’ shoes enabling better performance for runners.

ASICS approached us to redesign their running shoe wall to create a more intuitive shopper experience by clearly separating the two categories of protection; Structured and Cushioned. The design of the new running wall gives the store team permission to ask shoppers if they know what kind of protection is best for their foot type, prompting a Foot ID on the running machine. 80% of customers who have a foot ID end up buying shoes.

The Performance stores offer an edited selection of shoes and apparel, creating a bold singular message and enabling the product to sit within a curated story.
Retail communications in collaboration with Protein One
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