Our biggest challenge has been convincing the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) HQ brand team in the UK that Bondi Junction presents a unique opportunity as it’s the home of their future high value customer.


On the back of the success of the Subaru Werribee project we have been commissioned to add a little pizzazz to the standard JLR showroom format for this unique opportunity at Westfield Bondi Junction.


Yes, of course we need to sell cars but the overarching reason for this particular showroom is to present the product in such a way that it is aligned with the other luxury brands being showcased to the same audience in this Black Label mall. This means having a greater emphasis on product desirability and pushing the brand / heritage story into the background, something that at first, HQ were not all together comfortable with.


Suffice as to say our approach has been sensitive. Demonstrating that sculpting the physical nature of the site around the presentation of two hero cars is the best way to engage this audience, nothing else matters. Working in partnership with local incumbent agency, the awesome Centric Architects, we have created an ‘inside out’ showroom where the branded environment and sales experience is secondary to hero product display, presented in this case as ‘Jewels in a jewellery box’.


Other than Milan, this is the only JLR showroom in the world to feature a curved design and apparently top brass at HQ are in love with it.

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