“Imagine a place where, as a Queenslander, you would feel comfortable talking about things that matter the most with someone you’ve just met...”


RACQ is Queensland’s largest insurance company. It’s also the first insurance company in Australia to buy a bank.


The acquisition of QTMB posed a significant challenge for the RACQ brand as it had had strong associations with motor vehicles and little with financial services. At the core of this challenge lies the need for RACQ to transition from a trust built around a single, annual, low emotive insurance transaction, to a high value trust associated with everyday banking. Added to this is the challenge that all banks face with retail – they don’t sell tangible product.


We knew the experience had to resonate with the outdoor life Queenslanders revere. It also needed a significant residential reference to build credibility in the category of home that lies at the core of banking.


We worked alongside the awesome Brand Behaviour in designing a service experience that supported every likely transition from an insurance relationship to an everyday banking one whilst allowing two very disparate legacy service cultures to merge seamlessly in the new retail format.

A different way to reach customers with communications
Prototyping to ensure the correct result


This site is currently processing three times as many home loan applications as the previous QTMB bank in North Lakes Shopping centre.

This project represents a significant step for consumer banking in Australia by taking the retail experience brand to a whole new level.

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